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Changes to Daycare and Sleepover Service

We are overwhelmed by the success of our “little” Doghouse!  We are so excited to have so many pups to play with each and everyday.


As of Nov 1, 2015, we are asking all parents to pre-book pups for daycare as we are taking a MAXIMUM of 50 / day.

We will be taking a MAXIMUM of 25 sleepover dogs a night. (15 during non Holiday periods)


How Do I book my dog?

There will be a weekly sign up book at the counter to ensure your spot.

You can call to book your dog or Facebook us!

Why ARE you implementing a limit on the number of dogs?

We want to make sure that all the dogs are having a fun and safe day EVERYDAY. We also need to staff appropriately. 

Can I still do HALF-DAYS?

Yes you sure can!! We ask that all HALF-DAY drop off’s are made by 1PM to ensure that your dogs is getting maximum socialization. 

What about DROP IN’S ?

Great question!! DROP IN’s will now require a phone call, email or Facebook message prior to coming.  If no booking is made and we are full then we will have to turn your dog away.

Are you still taking NEW DOGS?

Yes, we will still be accepting NEW DOGS. However, we are limiting the number of NEW DOGS to 2 assessment (NEW DOGS) per day. Assessments are now offered Monday- Thursday ONLY.


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At Maple's Doghouse dog day care we don't just care for your dogs, we love them. Pop in for a visit and you will see our extended furry family waiting to welcome your pup to the "family".

Our dog day care facility is available evenings and weekends for rent to professional trainers, breed groups, private canine "pawties" or celebrations.

Offering an alternative to kenneling with our London's Lodgers sleepover service.
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