About Us

At Maple’s Doghouse we don’t just care for your dog’s we love them. Pop in for a visit and you will see our extended furry family waiting to welcome your pup to the “family”

Our facility is available evenings and weekends for rent to professional trainers, breed groups, private canine “pawties” or celebrations.

Our Community of Parents and Pups is social and ever expanding.

Our retail store stocks dry and frozen raw foods, treats, toys, leads, training aids and apparel (for you and your pup).

If we don’t stock it we will get it.


Kim LaPointe – Top Dog

Certified in Pet First Aid (Walks N’ Wags)


Falling in love with the twins (Maple & London) opened Kim’s eyes to how wonderful it is to be with your dog and be loved by a dog. After taking them to daycare and seeing how happy they were at daycare we decided to get them their own daycare so that we could be with them all the time and their furry friends. You will always find Kim at the Doghouse, as this is her “happy place”.

Steve LaPointe – Stray Dog / Handy Man

Certified in Pet First Aid (Walks N’ Wags)


Known as the “Doghouse Dog Whisperer”, Steve loves to get down and play with the dogs. If there is a new dog that is trying to find their way he is there to help out or a dog that wants to just play he is game for that too. Steve tends to have a tool of some sort in hand on most days, as he is the token handyman too.


You will find London at the Doghouse some days. He is here to greet all his friends as they come to play everyday and teach new dogs how the Doghouse works. London loves to teach new dogs to “swim” in the pools.

Our Dearest Maple


Maple has been fighting an 18 month long battle with cancer. Well past the expectations of all the doctors and us… which is one of the reasons that she is so AMAZING!!!

Mid May 2017 at our check up it was determined the cause of her mobility pain was from swelling and this was caused due to the mass near her lungs cutting off circulation of blood flow to her leg causing her extraordinary pain. 

With a great weight and a heavy heart Steve and I have decided to spend one last weekend with her and London and then on Monday Maple was put to rest.


 You can see our Journey and just what made her truly Amazing on her page  we will continue to support the cause and raise awareness regarding canine cancers and the support available.




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